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  • The Iredell Morning News (Statesville, N.C.)The Iredell Morning News Statesville N C The Iredell Morning News (Statesville, N.C.) — 34 issues online; 1956 ...

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  • In honor of ruby's life, memorial gifts can be made to hospice & palliative care of iredell county, 2347 simonton road, statesville, nc 28625, or fork baptist ...

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  • Latest City of Statesville, NC News. Stay connected and informed with the latest updates and news from the City of Statesville. From exciting community ...

  • Stay connected and informed with the latest updates and news from the City of Statesville. From exciting community events to important municipal updates, we keep you updated with all City happenings. Whether you're a resident, business owner, or work in the City, stay up to date on all things Statesville.

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  • Recording DD-214 Military Discharge Papers is a free service for veterans that is offered at the Register of Deeds office. ... Statesville – 211 Constitution Ln, ...

  •  While it is important to be able to access real estate property information online, this method also creates an opportunity for scammers to become aware of property that has recently been sold or transferred.  If you get a notice stating that you owe a high service fee for a copy of your deed, don’t pay it. It’s a scam.  Some companies will comb through records of real estate transactions and send mailings to homeowners that appear to be from a government agency. Typically, these mailings come from entities that appear very official and legitimate. In these letters, fraudulent companies attempt to fool homeowners into paying fees for a copy of their real estate deed and other publicly available information. These companies use persuasive language, such as offering to obtain “certified copies” of your documents, to get people to pay for unnecessary documents.  County Register of Deeds offices have been warning property owners for years not to fall victim to these deceptive solicitations that look like official notices. Unfortunately, the scam isn’t new.  It just keeps resurfacing in different cities and states.  As your Register, I want to ensure that all citizens of Iredell County are cautioned about this potential scam. To avoid falling prey, here’s what you need to know about deed notice scam letters. 

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