Community and Human Services - The Muscogee Nation (2024)

MCN Community and Human Services

Muscogee Nation Community and Human Services provides assistance and resources delivered through programs targeted to assist children and families, elders, and people with disabilities.

Adult Protective Services Program

The mission of the Adult Protective Services Program of the Muscogee Nation is to protect tribal elders and incapacitated adults living within the boundaries of the reservation from abuse and/or neglect. Services promote the safety and well-being of Muscogee elders and adults and include immediate and appropriate intervention through assessment and investigation.

Services Provided

  1. Investigation of reports of elder or incapacitated adult abuse or neglect
  2. Assessment to determine if an elder or incapacitated adult is at risk of harm
  3. Protective services to protect an elder or incapacitated adult from harm, which may include case management, coordination with appropriate health care providers, and guardianship (if necessary).
  4. Protective placement may include placement of an elder or incapacitated adult in a hospital, nursing home, residential care facility, or the transfer of an elder from one such institution to another
  5. Court advocacy

Contact Information
Adult Protective Services
PO Box 580
Okmulgee, OK 74447

If you suspect abuse or neglect, please call. After hours, call Lighthorse Police.

Call Adult Protective Services: 1 (918) 549-2913

Call Lighthorse Police: (918) 732-7800

Center for Victim Services

The Center for Victim Services provides advocacy and support services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking in an effort to achieve safety, justice, and healing for individuals and their families. The CVS includes the SANE Program and Warriors Honor Women. The CVS also works with different communities to bring together key players in law enforcement, criminal justice, and other community systems to develop strategies and procedures focusing on domestic/sexual violence and the practices related to victims and offenders.


  1. Assistance in Locating Emergency Shelter
  2. Assistance with Filing Protective Orders
  3. Court Advocacy
  4. Crisis Intervention
  5. Assistance in Locating Medical Services
  6. Accompaniment to Sexual Assault Nurse Exam
  7. Legal Advocacy*
  8. Safety Planning
  9. Emergency Transportation*
  10. Child Sexual Assault Advocacy & Family Support
  11. Sexual Assault Exams
  12. Counseling Referrals
  13. Limited Financial Assistance*
  14. Referrals for additional services depending on an individual’s needs

* Assistance provided is based on individual needs and must be directly related to the victimization.

For assistance or more information, please call. After hours, call Lighthorse Police.

Call Center for Victim Services: (918) 732-7979

Call Lighthorse Police: (918) 732-7800

Family Violence Prevention Program Clients Served

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Service Center Map

Office of Child Care

The Office of Child Care’s mission is to increase the availability, affordability and quality of child care for low-income families by providing financial assistance and consumer education for parents that are working, training or attending educational program. To provide a nurturing, wholesome and fostering environment for children that would enable them to attain their potential while in their most formative years—early childhood—and to provide a sense of security and confidence to parents that their children are receiving the utmost in development and facilitative care while entrusted to the child development center.

Call Child Care: (918) 732-7680

Office of Child Care Page

Children and Family Services

The mission of Children and Family Services is to preserve, protect and strengthen the children and families of the Muscogee Nation. Presentations on programs, identification, and reporting of child abuse/neglect and foster/adoptive care recruitment are available upon request.

Call Children and Family Services: (918) 732-7869

Call Sapulpa CFS (918) 224-6219

Children and Family Services Page

Community Research and Development

The mission of the Community Research and Development (CR&D) Department is to provide Muscogee (Creek) Nation communities with training and technical assistance while working to increase community participation through increased programming, community, and cultural outreach. CR&D will assist the communities in areas such as constitutions, by-laws, social/economic development, and organizational development. CR&D will work closely with other departments to increase the available resources and create a cooperative environment that will benefit the Nation as a whole.

Community Boundary Map

Community Centers

Program Brochure

Elderly Nutrition Program

The Elderly Nutrition Program provides meals to participants at a number of Elderly Nutrition Centers throughout the Muscogee Reservation. A completed application along with a CDIB card is required.

Call Elderly Nutrition: (918) 549-2426

Lunch Menu, April

Printable Intake Application

Elderly Nutrition Center Locations

Food Distribution Program

The Food Distribution Program provides USDA donated foods to qualifying low-income Native American households as an alternative to the SNAP program. The Food Distribution Program’s goal is to provide timely services to any eligible household while preserving their pride and dignity.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. CDIB Card/Citizenship Card/Official Document;
  2. Current utility bill with name and address;
  3. Income for the past thirty days.

Home delivery services are available for Elders and disabled participants.

It is a USDA regulation that residents of cities with a population of 10,000 or greater are not eligible for benefits. These cities within the Muscogee Reservation include Sand Springs and Tulsa.

Income Guidelines: Effective October 1, 2023, income guidelines are as follows:

Household SizeGross Monthly Income
Each Additional Member$429

For an application or additional information, you may visit or contact a Food Distribution Center near you.

Koweta Center31820 E State Highway 51, Coweta, OK 74429(918) 549-2412
Okmulgee Center3001 N. Wood Drive, Okmulgee, OK 74447(918) 549-2401
Wetumka Center614 Spokoke Circle, Wetumka, OK 74883(405) 452-1175

Thestoreis closed thelast two working daysof each month for inventory purposes.

Call Food Distribution: (918) 549-2401

USDA Food List

2024 Food Distribution Calendar

Nondiscrimination Statement

FNS Handbook 501 for FDPIR

Native American Caregiver Program

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s Native American Caregiver Support Program provides support to Native American citizens in the following counties:Creek,Hughes,Okfuskee,Okmulgee,McIntosh,Muskogee,Tulsa, andWagoner

A respite worker is someone who provides temporary relief to a primary caregiver of a sick, aging, or disabled person, typically a family member, friend neighbor, etc. This allows the caregiver a break while the care receiver still has safety, supervision, and companionship.

Call Caregiver Program: (918) 549-2459

Caregiver Application

Free Complete Care Application

Elder Services Department

The Muscogee Nation Elder Service Department was created in 1999 to further develop and enhance services for the growing elderly population. This responsibility includes establishing supportive services to improve the quality of life for citizens that are 55 years of age or older, the frail, the impaired, and for those citizens who are in need.

We also provide an avenue for social interaction and development through a monthly elders meeting, local trips, and group travel to cultural activities and events such as Elder Games, Grandparents Day Celebrations, and a Holiday Luncheon.

All communities, churches, ceremonial grounds, and elder groups are encouraged to share information about activities with the Elders Department in order to disburse information and create unity nationwide.

Supplemental Services

  1. Lawn Service Program Guidelines
  2. Must present Muscogee (Creek) Citizenship Card
  3. Must be 55 years or older
  4. Must sign a release of liability and guidelines prior to mowing
  5. Must be home while the crew is mowing on the first visit
  6. The citizen is responsible for mowing the lawn in between supplemental mowings. We may refuse to mow the lawn if the grass is over 12 inches high.
  7. The crew must be warned of any hazards (pipes, boards, tree stumps, etc)
  8. The yard must be clear of debris, trash, bottles, etc. (Yards that are not cleaned will not be mowed)
  9. Will only mow up to one acre
  10. We DO NOT brush hog
  11. Must reside inside the Muscogee (Creek) Nation jurisdiction

Winter Services Guidelines

  1. Must present Muscogee (Creek) Citizenship Card
  2. Must be at least 55 years or older
  3. Must be home while the crew is there
  4. Animals must be placed indoors or tied up
  5. Light Maintenance (changing light bulbs, batteries in smoke detectors, some weatherizing)
  6. Spray for insects around the outside of the home
  7. Cut/Gather/Deliver firewood (as schedule allows)
  8. Clean Gutters
  9. Must reside within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Senior Services Department asks that each Community within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation make a list of the type of work requested so we can create a daily schedule. We will need names, addresses, contact telephone numbers, and Roll numbers.

Call Senior Services: (918) 732-7699

Call Senior Services: (918) 732-7765

Social Security Assistance Program

The Social Security Assistance Program provides all the necessary assistance and serves as a liaison between the Muscogee (Creek) Nation enrolled Tribal Citizens and Social Security Administration.

The Social Security Assistance Program is funded by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and is available for all Creek Citizens requesting assistance in applying for Social Security benefits.

Call Social Security Assistance: (918) 549-2880

Social Security Page

Social Services Department

The mission of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Social Services Department is to counsel, advocate, and provide referrals for Native American households to meet certain unmet essential needs. Social Services shall provide necessary assistance to eligible Native American households striving to enhance their quality of life while promoting self-sufficiency and financial stability.

Call Social Services: (918) 549-2880

Social Services Page

TANF Program

The mission of the MCN Tribal TANF Program is to strengthen American Indian and Alaskan Native Families’ ability to attain self-sufficiency by proving financial assistance, work experience opportunities, and career coaching in a consultative manner that educates, encourages, and promotes self-reliance.

Call TANF: (918) 549-2880


Tribal Juvenile Justice

The Muscogee Nation Tribal Juvenile Justice Program provides case management services and behavior oversight for youthful offenders who are members of a federally recognized Tribe within Muscogee Nation’s jurisdiction. As the first point of contact when youth that commit crimes are apprehended, Tribal Juvenile Justice works in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General to determine appropriate measures for holding youthful offenders accountable.

Case workers respond to juvenile delinquency by preparing deferred adjudication agreements, cultivating treatment plans, and identifying diversionary programs. Tribal Juvenile Justice workers maintain regular contact with families throughout their engagement in the Muscogee Nation justice system to ensure completion of agreed upon plans and to identify further treatment or detainment facilities if need be.

In an effort to improve the Juvenile Justice system, Tribal Juvenile Justice identifies and applies effective programs that defend community safety, hold youthful offenders accountable, and provide treatment and rehabilitative services tailored to the needs of juveniles and their families.

Call Tribal Juvenile Justice: (918) 549-2942

WIC Program

The mission of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation WIC Program is to provide supplemental foods and nutrition education at no cost to eligible pregnant women, postpartum women, breastfeeding women, infants, and children residing in Oklahoma. The WIC Program shall serve as an adjunct to good healthcare during critical times of growth and development, to prevent health problems and improve these persons’ health status.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. You do not have to be Native American to apply for WIC.

Call WIC: (918) 549-2790

WIC Page

Mvskoke Nation Youth Services (MNYS)

Mvskoke Nation Youth Services (MNYS) works to empower Mvskoke youth by connecting them to culture, community, and resources. Program goals include fostering advocacy, encouraging wellness, creating support, promoting civic engagement, and providing resources. MNYS provides opportunities to primarily youth, ages 12-24 residing within the Muscogee reservation. Activities include the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council, Mvskoke Mentors, cultural events, and a variety of wellness activities.

The Mvskoke Youth Opportunity Grant is yearly funding to support youth to participate in opportunities. This service is available to all Muscogee citizens ages 24 and under regardless of residence.

Call MNYS: (918) 549-2557

Youth Services Website

Community and Human Services - The Muscogee Nation (2024)


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