14 Homemade Stuffing Recipes To Help With Thanksgiving (2024)

If you want to try out some brand new homemade stuffing recipes this year, then this list will be of great help to you. I’ve got all the best-tasting Thanksgiving recipes you could ever make, so just keep reading!

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14 Homemade Stuffing Recipes for the Perfect Thanksgiving Feast

Stuffing Recipes You'll Love

Thanksgiving is never complete without the stuffing, and recently, I feel like my usual recipe could use an upgrade. So since I want this year’s Thanksgiving to be extra special, I searched for the best homemade stuffing recipe ever.

If you also want to make your stuffing from scratch, then try one or two of these stuffing recipes. I’m sure you’ll love them!

1. Stuffing Balls


Try our very own stuffing balls, which are really offered more as a side dish insteadof as a traditional stuffing.A perfect recipe for people who are counting carbs or into the Paleo diet, since this is a Paleo-compliant recipe.

2. Homemade Stuffing from Scratch


Worried about the hectic Thanksgiving day rush? Don't be, because this homemade stuffing from scratch just requires one pan, a few ingredients, and you’re good to go.

3. Grandma’s Stuffing Recipe


There's nothing like good old grandma (oops, that's me) bringing all the goodness the world has to offer. Enjoy stuffing like your grandma used to make by trying out this traditional stuffing recipe.

4. Pioneer Woman’s Thanksgiving Stuffing/Dressing


Start by making your own cornbread then the rest is just a cakewalk. With this Pioneer Woman's Thanksgiving stuffing/dressing, you will have a light and crumbly stuffing that is a sure feast for all your senses.

5. Vegan Thanksgiving Stuffing


Vegan? Well, then this Vegan Thanksgiving stuffing is the recipe you can make that even non-vegans will surely love and enjoy.

6. Crock Pot Stuffing


Take your crockpot out and save time in making your stuffing. All you'll need is 20 minutes to prepare this crockpot stuffing recipe.

7. Naturally Gluten-Free Quinoa Stuffing


Ever tried adding quinoa to your stuffing? Well here’s a recipe fornaturally gluten-free quinoa stuffing that will give you the chance to try it.

I love quinoa, so I'm definitely giving this a shot.

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8. Sourdough Thanksgiving Stuffing


Grab some sourdough bread and start making this Thanksgiving stuffing. This is full of Thanksgiving flavors you know and love.

So, there's no reason for you not to try it.

9. Hearty Vegan Stuffing


Easy, gluten-free, and really hearty! This hearty began stuffing gives your traditional Thanksgiving stuffing a vegan spin that will surely become everybody's favorite.

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14 Homemade Stuffing Recipes To Help With Thanksgiving (1)

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14 Homemade Stuffing Recipes To Help With Thanksgiving (2)

10. Traditional Bread Stuffing


If you just want to go with a simple yet super delicious recipe, this traditional bread stuffing is for you. Nothing beats the traditional method of making delicious bread stuffing.

11. Sausage, Cranberry, and Apple Stuffing


The glorious combination of sausage, cranberry, and apple will have your guests asking for more. This sausage, cranberry, and apple stuffing is loaded with the intense colors of fall.

12. Crock Pot Cranberry Pecan Stuffing


Light and moist, this crock pot cranberry pecan is certified delicious stuffing. Who can say no to the rich flavor and texture from cranberries and pecan?

13. Wild Rice Stuffing with Cranberries, Bacon, and Pecan


Why use bread when you can use wild rice for your stuffing? Savor the difference and enjoy the sweetness of dried cranberries and the nutty taste of pecan in this wild rice stuffing with cranberries, bacon, and pecan.

14. Stuffing in a Bundt Pan


I’m sure this is not how you usually serve your stuffing, but it sure looks delish! An experimental take for those who love to try something new and explore the unlimited options for Thanksgiving festivities.

Grab the stuffing in a bundt pan recipe here.

Want more ideas for your Thanksgiving stuffing? Here are 3 more delicious ways you can try from The Domestic Geek:

As we all know, no Thanksgiving table is complete without a massive serving of comforting and flavorful stuffing. Whether you want the traditional stuffing or want to make a new twist on it, bear in mind that your stuffing must pair perfectly with your bird.

What do you think of these Thanksgiving stuffing recipes? Which one will you try? Let me know in the comment section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 10, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

14 Homemade Stuffing Recipes To Help With Thanksgiving (2024)


How many pounds of stuffing do I need for 14 people? ›

The Amount
Quantity of StuffingSize of BirdNumber of Servings
4 cups6 to 8 pounds6 to 7
6 cups8 to 10 pounds8 to 9
2 quarts10 to 12 pounds10 to 11
3 quarts12 to 15 pounds12 to 16
3 more rows
Nov 25, 2019

Is it better to make stuffing with fresh or dry bread? ›

Any attempts to make stuffing with soft, fresh baked bread will result in a bread soup with a soggy texture. Follow this tip: Stale, dried-out bread makes the best stuffing.

How many boxes of stuffing do I need for 15 people? ›

How much stuffing per person? A 14-ounce bag of stuffing makes about 11 servings; a 6-ounce box of stuffing mix makes 6 servings.

How much food to cook for 15 people? ›

Rules to Plan By

Each adult will consume 1 pound of food total; children, about 1/2 pound. The more options you have, the less you need of each; decrease the main course portion sizes by 1 to 2 ounces if served on a buffet. Guests will always eat — and drink — more at night than during the day.

Can you leave uncooked stuffing out overnight? ›

If stuffing is prepared ahead of time, it must be either frozen or cooked immediately. To use cooked stuffing later, cool in shallow containers and refrigerate it within 2 hours.

Is it better to make stuffing the night before? ›

Yes! You can absolutely make stuffing ahead of time. It's a great way to get a jumpstart on Thanksgiving cooking and it frees up much-needed oven space. This stuffing can be made up to three days in advance.

Is stuffing better with or without eggs? ›

It's a matter of preference, but adding a beaten egg to your stuffing mixture acts as a binder and keeps the bread moist.

How many cups of stuffing do I need for 20 people? ›

In order to fill the cavity of the bird you are stuffing, you should make 3/4 cup of stuffing per person. You may not be able to fit all the stuffing into your turkey. If this is the case, then you can even make a casserole to fill up your guests!

How many potatoes per person in Thanksgiving? ›

With this guide, all amounts will feed everyone at the table and provide some leftovers. Because leftovers are the best part. Potatoes or sweet potatoes: 5 to 6 ounces per person, which equals about 1 large Yukon Gold or white potato, or half of a large sweet potato.

What can I eat with stuffing? ›

Recipes with stuffing
  • Roast Chicken with Crisp Toasts and Ricotta. ...
  • Chicken and Stuffing Casserole. ...
  • Bring Boxed Stuffing To Life With This Easy Chicken Casserole. ...
  • Turkey and Stuffing Casserole. ...
  • Pumpkin Bread Stuffing with Candied Bacon and Pecans | Bakers Royale. ...
  • Sausage, Cranberry and Apple Stuffing. ...
  • Cheesy Squash Casserole.

Is chicken broth or stock better for stuffing? ›

Homemade stock is the best, but if you don't have homemade, a good store bought stock will work as well. If you use a store bought stock, try to buy one with no/low sodium. I personally have started using bone broth in my stuffing and LOVE it.

What is traditional stuffing made of? ›

Classic stuffing made with bread cubes, seasonings, and held together with chicken stock and eggs. A holiday staple!

Does it matter what bread you use for stuffing? ›

You can use almost any type of bread when you are making bread cubes for stuffing! Old French bread loaves, buns that weren't eaten, a few slices of bread from a homemade or store-bought loaf all work in this recipe. What is this?

How many pounds of stuffing do I need for 10 people? ›

I think it's safe to plan for 1 1/2 pounds per person. What's the worst that could happen? A leftover turkey sandwich?! 3/4 cup of stuffing per person should be plenty.

How much stuffing per person calculator? ›

Holiday Servings Calculator
DishPer Person4 People
Soup1 cup1 quart
Salad2 cups2 quarts
Stuffing¾ cup3 cups
Potatoes/Starch**¾ cup3 cups
9 more rows

How many people does a 14 lb feed? ›

By the same math, a 14-pound turkey will feed nine to 10 people.

What size turkey for 15 people? ›

While 1 pound per person could feel like too little, and 1 1/2 pounds for each guest might be over-doing it, 1 1/4 pounds of turkey per mouth is the perfect balance. At that rate, feeding a large party of 15 or more people requires 20+ pounds of turkey.


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